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DIN-Rail Mounting Kit for Standalone Media Converter
Product Brochure (pdf), 630KB [ Use Adobe Acrobat Reader v7.0 or up ]

The DIN-Rail Mounting Kit, DRK-35, allows you to mount variety of Danpex standalone converters to a DIN-Rail.  Installation instructions are easy to follow.

  • Model:  DRK-35
  • Standard:  Industrial Standard 35mm DIN-Rail
  • Accessories:  4 screws (2 x 5mm) for mounting the converter
  • Color:  Beige
  • Dimensions:
    — 21 x 72 x 94mm (H x W x D), without handle
    — 21 x 72 x 116mm (H x W x D), with handle
  • Standalone Media Converters Can Be Used (Sold Separately):
    CGM3700, CGM5100
    CFM3450, CFM3000, CFOC2550C, CFPD1300
    CEM1500, CEM0100

  •  Remove the four screws on both sides of the converter
  • Place the converter on the mounting bracket
  • Align the screw holes on the bracket with the holes on both sides of converter
  • Insert the 2 x 5mm screws and tighten them until they are secure
  • Position the fixed DIN-Rail clip on the backside of the bracket on to the DIN-Rail
  • Pull up the moveable DIN-Rail clip to attach the bracket to the DIN-Rail, and then release the clip
  • Make sure the converter is securely mounted on the DIN-Rail

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