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100Base-FX To 10/100Base-TX Managed Media Converter Module
+ High Resolution:  CFM220SC

Product Brochure (pdf):  CFM220v6.pdf, 586KB [ Use Adobe Acrobat Reader v6.0 or up ]

  • Models:
    CFM220SC / CFM220ST
    CFM220SC20 / CFM220SC60
    CFM220BD3.20 / CFM220BD5.20 / CFM220BD3.60 / CFM220BD5.60
  • Standards:  IEEE 802.3u 100Base-FX/TX, 802.3 10Base-T, 802.3x
  • Connectors:  RJ-45 (auto MDI/MDI-X) &
    1310nm Multi-Mode Duplex-SC for CFM220SC
    1310nm Multi-Mode Duplex-ST for CFM220ST
    1310nm Single-Mode/20km Duplex-SC for CFM220SC20
    1310nm Single-Mode/60km Duplex-SC for CFM220SC60
    1310nm (TX) Single-Mode/20km Simplex-SC for CFM220BD3.20
    1550nm (TX) Single-Mode/20km Simplex-SC for CFM220BD5.20
    1310nm (TX) Single-Mode/60km Simplex-SC for CFM220BD3.60
    1550nm (TX) Single-Mode/60km Simplex-SC for CFM220BD5.60
  • dBm [ Min TX, Max TX, Sensitivity, Power Budget ]:  n/a
  • Data Transfer Rate:
    100Mbps for FX
    100 or 10Mbps (auto-negotiation) for TP
    100 or 10Mbps (forced) for TP selected by software setting
  • Duplex Mode:
    Full for FX
    Full or Half (auto-sense) for TP
    Full or Half (forced) for TP selected by software setting
  • Cables / Max Distance:
    62.5/125µm Multi-Mode fiber, up to 2km
    9/125µm Single-Mode fiber, up to
         20km for CFM220SC20/CFM220BD3.20/CFM220BD5.20
         60km for CFM220SC60/CFM220BD3.60/CFM220BD5.60
    Category 5 or above UTP for 100Mbps, up to 100m
    Category 3 or above UTP for 10Mbps, up to 100m
  • LEDs:
    Unit — POWER, CPU/LOOP
    FX Port — LINK/ACT
  • Power Requirement:  0.8A@+5V DC, max 4W consumption
  • Ambient Temperature:  0° to 50° C
  • Humidity:  5% to 90%
  • Dimension:  135.6 x 66.8mm (H x W)
  • Safety:  FCC Class A, CE Mark Approval, RoHS Compliance
  • Warranty:  1-Year Limited Hardware, 90-Day Software

  • Supports basic counters for traffic raw data monitor of fiber and TP ports
    [ Counters:  Rx Packet, Rx Byte, Tx Packet, TX Byte, Error, Collision, Rx Speed (bps), Tx Speed (bps) ]
  • Supports RMON counters for port traffic quality monitoring function
  • Supports Bandwidth Rating per port (Ingress & Egress)
  • Supports max packet length of 1536 bytes
  • Supports 802.3x Flow Control for full duplex and Back-pressure for half duplex
  • Supports Q-in-Q double tagged frame transparent
  • Supports converter mode (only block Pause frame 01-08-C2-00-00-01 & supported L2 protocols)
  • Supports Module Loopback tests
  • Supports hot-swap and auto reload configuration ability

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